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HongKong, Jan 11, 2021 - Labs Group, the world’s first end to end realestate ecosystem platform provider, announced a partnership withCentrifuge to provide DeFi Collateralized Lending. The partnershipwill revolutionize the traditional capital market in the real estateindustry with the potential to access untapped liquidity throughcollateralized assets using DeFi applications. 本文来自太原网

香港时间,2021年1月11日——全球首家点对点房地产生态系统平台提供商LabsGroup宣布与Centrifuge建立合作关系,提供DeFi抵押贷款业务。该合作将彻底改变传统房地产行业资本市场,并有潜力通过使用DeFi应用的抵押资产获得不动产的流动性。 本文来自太原网

Thepilot project will be powered by Tinlake, a protocol created byCentrifuge to unlock the value of real-world assets in thedecentralized finance ecosystem. Aiming to provide access tofractionalized property ownership, Labs Group is building out alending product that grants property owners access to low-costcapital via DeFi. Their ownership of properties is an example of lowrisk collateral to stake in the lending pool. 内容来自taiyuan1.com.cn



“PublicBlockchaintechnology enables a trustless environment with distributed ownershipof assets”,said Martin Quensel, co-founder of Centrifuge. “Tokenizedreal estate enables decentralized governance and transfer of valuethrough smart contracts. It will tremendously change the landscape ofhow people invest in the traditional real estate market. We arelooking forward to a pilot with Labs Group and kick-offtransformation.” copyright taiyuan1.com.cn


copyright taiyuan1.com.cn

"Weare creating a frictionless process that allows property owners toaccess untapped liquidity by using DeFi, with a fraction of the costof traditional finance,"says Yuen Wong, CEO of Labs Group. "Thiswill allow the continuity of the real estate investments by givinginvestors more options for liquidity to allow for leverage into newinvestments." taiyuan1.com.cn

LabsGroup CEO YuenWong说:“我们正在创建一种无缝衔接流程,使业主可以使用DeFi来获得不动产的流动性,而成本仅为传统融资的一小部分。”“这将为房地产投资提供连续性,为投资者提供更多的流动性选择,允许他们利用杠杆进行新的投资。。” 内容来自taiyuan1.com.cn

LABSGroup, kick-started since 2018, allows traditional property assets tobe fragmented, crowd-funded and traded through blockchain technology,disrupting the way people invest in real estate. 本文来自太原网

LABSGroup成立于2018年,致力于传统房地产资产分散、众筹并通过区块链技术进行交易,改变人们投资房地产的方式。 taiyuan1.com.cn

LABShas gained strategic partnership in the blockchain and real estatespace around the world, covering America, Europe, Greater ChinaRegion, Middle East, etc. For now, LABS has received strategicinvestment from some top property fund companies. LABS Chairman is amember of the Harilela family, one of the most prominent families inHong Kong. In addition, LABS Group recently announced its partnershipwith RioDefi, a top blockchain technology company that developedRioChain.


LABSGroup在全球区块链及房地产领域建立了战略合作伙伴关系,覆盖美国、欧洲、大中华区、中东等地区。目前,LABSGroup已经获得了一些顶级房地产基金公司的战略投资。LABSGroup主席是香港最著名的家族之一Harilela家族的成员。此外,LABSGroup最近宣布与区块链顶级技术公司RioDefi合作。 本文来自太原网

TheLABS team and advisors consist of a perfect combination oftraditional business and blockchain experts, coming from prominent HKfamilies, real estate funds, hotels, publicly listed companies,lawyers, venture capital, blockchain and board members from multiplefortune 500 companies.

copyright taiyuan1.com.cn

LABSGroup团队和顾问由传统商业和区块链专家完美结合组成,他们来自香港知名家族、房地产基金、酒店、上市公司、律师、风险投资、区块链,以及多家世界500强公司的董事会成员。 本文来自太原网

AboutLabs Group copyright taiyuan1.com.cn

LABSis a digital investment platform that provides access tofractionalized property ownership and enables the continuous tradingof real estate assets-backed tokenized shares on a regulated securityexchange. 太原网

关于LABSGroup 本文来自太原网

LABS是一个数字化投资平台,提供对财产分割所有权的访问,并允许在受监管的证券交易所持续交易房地产资产支持的通证。 太原网

LABSuses blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure completetransparency over a borderless ecosystem where property developersand investors can interact seamlessly and with unprecedentedefficiency. 内容来自taiyuan1.com.cn

LABS使用区块链技术和智能合约,确保了生态系统的完全透明化,在这个生态系统中,房地产开发商和投资者可以以前所未有的效率无缝链接。 太原网

Realestate and blockchain professionals have brought together theirexpertise to devise an ecosystem of services that make propertyinvestment more accessible, more secure and more liquid. For moreinformation on LABS, feel free to find us on https://labsgroup.io.




AboutCentrifuge - DecentralisedAsset Financing 内容来自taiyuan1.com.cn

Centrifugeis an open, blockchain based protocol to connect the global financialsupply chain. It allows any business to transact while maintainingownership of their data, including their validated company details,their reputation, business relationships, and subsequenttransactions. They can use their notarized business documents toaccess DeFi using Centrifuge decentralized asset financing protocolTinlake. For more information, visit www.centrifuge.io. 太原网







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